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A poem for World Poetry day

March 21, 2017

To celebrate World Poetry day today, here’s a poem written by Year 5 pupil Ottilie - who won the Lower Senior category at our House Poetry Recitations with her reading of it earlier this month. We think it's pretty special!


The Scabadilly Pygmy

By Ottilie B-P


Several boys and girls were at

The Greenwich Country Fair

When suddenly, from a hole in the hedge,

Came something awf’ly rare.


Its ears looked like a pair of pears.

Or maybe more like eggs;

And fluffy lumps of orange skin

Protruded from its legs.

It wasn’t really all that big,

Its teeth were never sharp,

Its tail stuck out lopsidedly,

With strings, just like a harp!


A terrified young Scottish boy named Hilorilly Ligmee

Said in an alarming voice

“It’s a Scabadilly Pygmy!

Although its teeth are short and blunt

They’re dang’rous, none-the-less!

It ate my Grandma all at once,

Just left her wig and dress…”


“Stay away!” Uh-oh, too late…

“It’s gonna gobble ye!”

With that, the beast, it ate them up

With one wet, gummy chew.


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