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Head's Blog

April 28, 2017 at 2:17 PM

Head's Blog

The Summer Term has started with such vigour – and with so many incredible trips and events to celebrate – that it seems unjust to wait until the half termly newsletter to tell you about them. Hence, I have decided to seize the opportunity and launch my new Head’s Blog, which will be published on a fortnightly basis. This is intended to keep you all even more informed of the day-to-day goings on within (and outside of) the walls of Perrott Hill. 

First up, a fantastic new initiative by our Graduate Gap Assistants and one which I thoroughly approve of, despite being somewhat taken aback when I opened my curtains at 6.50am last Thursday morning to see 17 pupils running past: the Boarders’ Morning Fun Run. Organised by Mr Bunday and Miss Roberts, the mile-long run takes place every Thursday morning at 6.30am around the school grounds, with the aim of reaching a collective 100 miles by the end of term. I look forward to updating you on progress at the weeks go by. 

The Year 7 French trip has been a resounding success, with a sea of smiling faces on the photos being sent through. From visits to local markets (where the children not only ordered produce in French, but managed budgets and worked in a team) to meeting and chatting with their pen friends at Collège Witry-les-Reims, the children have benefitted from a vast array of experiences. It is all too easy when talking about trips like this to forget that, for many children, this will be their first prolonged period away from home – and we are so proud of the mature way in which they’ve all handled it. We hope it remains a great memory for many years to come.

This week saw our first UN Hunger Lunch, an initiative organised by Bethan and the Catering Team in response to the current global humanitarian crisis, the largest since 1945, with more than 20 million people facing famine and starvation. The UN has announced that it needs to raise £3.4bn by July to avert disaster – and though our efforts are only a minute part of that (the money we saved by serving soup and bread rather than our usual lunch menu will be sent to the UN), we are hopeful that by raising awareness and getting the pupils in some small way experientially involved we are helping them reflect on the plight of millions of children around the world. As well as forfeiting the usual lunch menu for soup and bread and listening to an engrossing assembly presentation by Mr Fitton, the children created some incredible artwork and posters which are displayed in the Dining Hall if you’d like to pop in and see them. A big thank you to Bethan, Mr Fitton and of course our fantastic Catering Team. I will update you in due course on the total amount of our donation. 

Our Nursery and Reception classes had a brilliant day at Abbotsbury Tropical Gardens this week, where they followed the number trail, walked over the wobbly bridge and explored the different sizes and colours of plants. It also gave them the opportunity to look at what a gardener does, and to see how much work goes into the maintenance of the natural world. It was a great experience for them, consolidating everything they’ve learnt on the topic of gardens so far. 

Much excitement has surrounded the official announcement of the line-up for the inaugural Perrott Hill Children’s Literary Festival this week, with flyers and booking forms going out to parents next week. We are looking forward to playing host to some of the best-selling and most inspirational authors and illustrators in the country (and beyond!), from Waterstones Children’s Book Prize winners Rob Biddulph and Lisa Williamson, to patron of the Somerset Storytelling Festival, Martin Maudsley. It promises to be a stimulating event.

Last, but by no means least, we are delighted to welcome ten new families to the Tuneful Tots music group held in the Music School on Monday and Tuesday mornings during term time. These fun and informal classes are aimed at parents and babies/toddlers aged 0-3, and are designed to boost the little ones’ confidence and independence, as well as being great for their development and language skills. We are particularly pleased to say that the Monday session is already full, despite only being added a few weeks ago.

So that’s it. It’s hard to believe all that has happened in only two weeks – a credit to our passionate and talented members of staff, who work tirelessly to provide the rounded and excellent education that makes Perrott Hill so special.

Have a lovely Bank Holiday weekend and I look forward to seeing you all next week.

Tim Butcher,