“Time and space for a full education”

The School Day

The Preparatory School Timetable

7.20 am


Boarders get up

  7.40 am



  8.20 am


Registration and Tutorials

8.40 am



  9.00 am


Three 40-minute lessons

11.00 am


Break (drink and biscuits/fruit, activities or free play)

11.40 am


Two 40-minute lessons (one for Years 3 and 4)

12.20 pm


Lunch (Years 3 and 4)

1.00 pm


Lunch (Years 5 to 8)

1.45 pm


Rest (quiet reading/Chamber Choir/language clubs)

  2.20 pm


Games coaching

3.30 pm


Break  (drink and sandwiches/fruit, free play)

4.00 pm


Two 35-minute lessons

  5.15 pm


Years 3 and 4 optional pick-up / Years 5 to 8 Prep

  5.45 pm


Tick-off for day children

6.00 pm


Tea for boarders

6.40 pm



7.40 pm


Supper (toast/cereal/hot drink)

7.50 pm



8.00 pm


Activities in boarding house - film nights/music practice/quiet reading

  8.40 pm


Lights out (up to 9.15pm for Dorm Captains)

The timetable at Perrott Hill is intended to provide a balanced mix of academic study, recreation and exercise. Games are played five times per week and the long morning breaks enable the children to take part in a wide range of musical and sporting activities, or to simply unwind and recharge their batteries.

School on Saturdays starts for pupils when they enter Year 5 and finishes at 4.00 pm after games. On Wednesday afternoons children may go home at 4.00 pm unless they are involved in school matches or have other commitments; they may, of course, stay for late afternoon activities until the usual 5.45 pm finish. 

The Pre-Prep Timetable

8.20 am


Children arrive

8.40 am


Class registration

9.00 am



10.20 am


Drink and biscuits/fruit

10.30 am


Outside play

10.50 am



12.20 pm



1.00 pm


Outside play

1.30 pm


Quiet reading / rest

1.45 pm



  3.00 pm


Drink and sandwiches, outside play

  3.20 pm



  4.00 pm


End of school "Tick-off"  / After school care

Between 4.00pm and 5.45pm a range of free and paid activites and clubs is available including a light tea for children who are being picked up later.  

Nursery - aged 3-4: Children may attend school for just a half day - morning or afternoon - however full time schooling is available. To enable children of this age to settle quickly, we prefer Nursery aged children to attend for a minimum of three sessions a week. 

Reception - aged 4-5: Children in Reception are requested to attend school on a full time basis to enable them to access all areas of the curriculum.