“Time and space for a full education”

Nursery and Pre-Prep

We skilfully combine the principles of the Montessori system of education with the Government's Early Years Foundation Stage framework. 

The Montessori system of education, for children of nursery and reception age, was the vision and creation of Dr Maria Montessori, the first woman doctor in Italy. Montessori spent years observing children and their patterns of learning and this inspired her not only to formalize these patterns into a specific form of teaching, but also to devise a whole range of materials for use within this unique method of education. The materials and experiences are designed to stimulate independent exploration within a prepared environment.

Following these guiding principles, we aim to nurture each and every child as they work at their own pace with individual programmes in our Nursery and Reception classes. The aim is for each child to reach their true potential and, in doing so, develop the habits, attitudes and skills that lead to a lifetime of creative thinking and learning.

The children are always busy, taking part in both adult and child led activities. Throughout the day they are provided with the opportunities to participate in craft activities and imaginative play as well as working with Montessori materials. We cook on a regular basis and take part in Forest School activities in the woods.

The children have weekly French, ICT, Music and PE lessons taught by subject specialists from the Preparatory school. 

The learning journey if all the Nursery and Reception children is recorded on e-profiles. Parents are given a password  so they can access and contribute to their child's profile as part of making learning an exciting adventure and a true team effort.