“Time and space for a full education”


Salvete omnes!

The Classics Department at Perrott Hill is flourishing, and many of our students go on to study this subject at Senior School and beyond. In contrast with the national trend we have a generous timetable allocation for Latin at Perrott Hill, and even a thriving Ancient Greek Club.

Pupils begin their study of Latin from Year 5, and may begin Ancient Greek from Year 6 (on a voluntary basis). In Years 5 and 6 Latin is studied via the immersion method. This approach promotes reading fluency and independent learning right from the start. In this early stage students can expect to enjoy a familiarisation with the rhythm, pronunciation and fluent comprehension of Classical Latin.

More exacting demands are expected from Year 7, when students work in the context of the more traditional grammar-translation method. The emphasis here is of precise translation of Latin into good English, and the mastery of grammatical concepts in preparation for Common Entrance examinations.

Below is a freely-available revision guide for Latin at Common Entrance level.