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Perrott Hill Admissions Policy

Perrott Hill Admissions Policy

Policy updated January 2016 and to be reviewed in September 2017. 

This policy is written with the inclusion of the Early Years Foundation Stage and boarding.

Authority and Circulation

This policy has been issued with the authority of the Board of Governors of Perrott Hill. It is addressed to prospective parents and pupils and to all members of the teaching and administration staff.


Perrott Hill is a co-educational independent day and boarding school for pupils from ages 3 to 13. The School has approximately 220 pupils, approximately 46 in the Pre-Prep and 174 in the Preparatory school (of which approximately 50 are full, weekly or flexi boarders).

Perrott Hill is a non-selective school; entry is at the discretion of the Head following an interview with the parents and consideration of the report from the prospective pupil's last school. The maximum class size from Year 1 to Year 8 is 18 pupils. All applications for admission to Perrott Hill should be made to the Admissions Secretary. A pupil may be registered at any time after birth. Perrott Hill allocates provisional places on receipt of the completed Registration Form and a £50 non-refundable registration fee. Places are confirmed on receipt of: the signed Form of Acceptance, a £400 refundable deposit, 2 recent school reports and the successful completion of 2 taster/trial days. Children are accepted at any time during any term on condition that a place is available. Should the School be oversubscribed, a waiting list will be operated.

Deciding on the right school for your child is very important and we believe that a personal visit is invaluable. We hold a number of Open Days throughout the year, currently in January, May and October, which give a general introduction to the School. The Head is also very happy to welcome prospective parents and their children at other times, by prior arrangement. Please contact our Admissions Secretary, Nola Stone, on 01460 72051 or email admissions@perrotthill.com to arrange a visit.


The Aims

  • To ensure compliance with the School's charitable aims.
  • To identify and admit children who can take advantage of the broad and varied curriculum and thrive in the environment that Perrott Hill offers.

Equal Treatment

Our aim is to welcome pupils from all sections of the community, once the decision has been made to educate them within the independent sector. All candidates for admission will be treated equally, irrespective of their parents' race, colour, language, religion, political or other opinion, national or social origin.

Disability and Special Educational Needs

The School needs to be notified of any known disability or special educational need which may affect a child's ability to take advantage of the education provided at the School. Parents of a child who has any disability or special educational need should provide the School with full written details at registration, or subsequently before accepting the offer of a place. The School needs this information so that, in the case of any child with particular needs, we can assess those needs and consult with the parents about the adjustments that can reasonably be made to cater adequately for the child's needs. Similarly, if special education needs or a disability become apparent after admission, the School will consult with parents about any adjustments which can reasonably be made to cater adequately for the child's needs. The School will do all that is reasonable to comply with its legal and moral responsibilities in order to accommodate the needs of applicants who have disabilities.

Overseas Applicants

We welcome overseas pupils as boarders provided that he/she has a legal guardian living in the UK. As part of the admissions process the Educational Guardianship Form must be signed by both parents and the UK guardian. The guardian will be required to provide accommodation for half term holidays and exeat weekends (unless they have made arrangements for the overseas pupil to stay with friends), supervise travel arrangements and sanction overnight stays and medical emergencies. The School expects overseas pupils to complete a minimum of one term and preferably three terms; it does not run a short study programme. Overseas pupils should be fluent at the Basic Level A1 in the English language to enable them to fully participate in school life. Extra tuition in English as an Additional Language (EAL) may be requested, with the coaching given at the parents' expense. This is recommended if the pupil is to take any internationally-recognised English proficiency exam set by The Cambridge English Language Assessment such as First, PET or KET whilst at Perrott Hill.

Religious Beliefs

Although Perrott Hill has a Christian ethos, we do not select on the basis of religious belief and we offer the opportunity for all religions to practise their own faiths. Parents should be aware, however, that there is compulsory Saturday morning school (from Year 5 onwards) and that all pupils are expected to attend this.

Refusal of Candidates

It is possible that a pupil may be refused a place if, after due consideration, the School believes that it is unable to provide an appropriate educational environment for the child or if it believes that it is unable to serve the child's best interests. Perrott Hill also reserves the right to refuse a child whose behaviour during the 'taster' and 'tester' days is very disruptive.


Most siblings join us at Perrott Hill. However, admission is not automatic, and there may be occasions where we judge that a sibling is likely to thrive better in a different academic environment or where a particular year group is already full.


We offer means tested awards at the usual points of entry, where the parents have indicated that they require financial support. Both parents are required to provide proof of their income and assets. The level of support varies according to parental need. Bursaries are offered for 12 months at a time. The family is required to provide fresh information about its circumstances for every year that their child attends the school. Levels of support may vary with fluctuations in income. Details are available from the Bursar.


Perrott Hill offers several scholarships a year for excellence in: Academic, Music, Sport, Drama, Art/DT, All-Round Ability. Scholarships are designed to reward excellence and to celebrate exceptional talent. In recognition of this achievement, the Scholar is offered a percentage reduction in the fees (at the discretion of the Head) throughout his/her time at the School. Details of the arrangements will be sent to all who express an interest. We encourage parents of Scholars who anticipate that they will experience difficulty in meeting the balance of the tuition fees, to apply at the same time for one of the School's means tested bursaries (described above), when they register their child. Scholarships are held for the duration of a pupil's time at the School, provided his/her conduct is satisfactory.

Academic - Candidates will be expected to achieve a high level in both the NFER Mathematics and reading tests and will be required to produce a piece of creative writing relative to their chronological age.

Music - Candidates should bring the appropriate musical instrument(s) and prepare one piece per instrument. There will also be some simple aural tests, a sight reading exercise on the main instrument and a brief, informal discussion with the Director of Music.

Sport - Candidates should be competent in at least two major sports i.e. rugby, cricket, football, hockey, netball. Other accomplishments, such as representing their local club or their county, will be taken into account. They should also show a reasonable level of competence in other areas of sport. Candidates should bring their PE and Games kit as they will undergo a variety of exercises and will be interviewed by the Director of Sport or Head of Girls' Games. On the sports fields, candidates should combine a genuine desire to win with deep-seated values of sportsmanship and fair play. Perrott Hill Admissions Policy Policy updated Jan 2016 4 To be updated by TACB Sept 2016

Art/DT - Candidates should bring a portfolio of recent work to support their application. The portfolio should contain work produced both independently at home and from their current school. Candidates will be asked to make a brief observational drawing and should be prepared to discuss their portfolio with the Head of Art.

Drama - Candidates will be asked to attend an audition and an interview with the Head of Drama. An award is open to any candidate showing exceptional talent for, and an interest in, acting and the world of drama. Candidates should prepare a short audition piece. They will also be expected to perform a short improvisation.

All Rounder - In addition to a sound academic performance, All-Rounder candidates should perform enthusiastically across a wide range of disciplines. Admissions Procedure

Initial Enquiry

The initial enquiry can be via the School website, email or telephone. Our Admissions Secretary will complete a Prospectus Enquiry form ascertaining the relevant information regarding the prospective parents and their child/children. On the same day, or as soon as possible after this date, a letter will be sent out with the School prospectus and the latest copy of the Perrott Hill 'Review' magazine.

Visiting the School

Following receipt of a prospectus, parents can contact the School to arrange a visit. This can either be during Open Mornings which are held on a termly basis, or they may arrange a private appointment with the Head. During this visit they will have the opportunity to see the School and discuss the particular requirements of their child/children. The Head will then have an informal interview with the parents and the child/children which allows the Head to begin to assess Perrott Hill's suitability as a possible school.


Prospective parents receive a Registration Form with their prospectus information which should be completed at the earliest opportunity and returned with a non-refundable registration fee of £50. Receipt of this is acknowledged by the Admissions Secretary and the provisional place, or waiting list place, is confirmed in writing.

Trial Days

The Admissions Secretary will discuss suitable dates when the child/children might come and spend two days at the School; a 'taster' day (time spent with their year group) and a 'tester' day (one involving a number of essential assessments). In the case of prospective boarders we suggest a 'taster night' in the boarding house. We aim to make prospective pupils feel welcome and at ease. They will be assigned a guide from their tutor group who will be on hand to look after them throughout the day. Work will be set that will enable the class teacher and/or form tutor to give appropriate feedback to the Head. Areas of the curriculum that the child has not covered are noted, as are any successes or difficulties. Note is also taken of social awareness and relationships with children and adults. The Academic Deputy Head will arrange an assessment of Mathematics and English; this will help the Head to create a wider picture of Perrott Hill's suitability for the child/children. The child/children are usually invited for their 'tester' day during the term prior to entry. Alternative arrangements can be made for overseas students or late entries. Parents will receive written feedback about the child's day at the Perrott Hill.

Further Information

At this stage, parents will be asked to provide any details of their child's/children's previous schooling that may be relevant to their entry into Perrott Hill. This may include school reports, exam results, samples of work and any other information deemed to be important.

Applying for a Place

Following the trial days parents are invited to apply for a place. Applications should be submitted to the Admissions Secretary who will acknowledge receipt thereof.

Offer of a Place

Following discussion with the relevant staff, the Head or Admissions Secretary will contact the parents to discuss all ensuing relevant information. The Head will then offer a formal place to the child/children and the School Contract, together with the Perrott Hill Rules and Guidelines, will be sent to the parents.


Once the offer of a place has been made by the School, the place can be secured by completing the Form of Acceptance. The child's/children's place is not guaranteed until the Form of Acceptance is signed by both parents (having familiarised themselves with the School Behaviour and Exclusion Policy) and returned to the School, together with the £400 deposit which is refundable against the child's/children's final term's fees.

New Pupils Day

All pupils joining in September will be invited to New Pupils Day which takes place towards the end of the Summer Term.

Pastoral Information

Prior to the child/children starting at Perrott Hill the Admissions Secretary will issue a welcome pack and will require a number of pastoral forms to be completed.