“Time and space for a full education”


Current Fees

Our 2016-2017 fees are per term unless otherwise stated. 

Registration fee (non-refundable) £50

Deposit (refunded on the last term's fees) £400


Nursery and Reception - Morning only (including lunch), Monday to Friday £1,640

Nursery and Reception - Whole day school, Monday to Friday £2,085

Years 1 and 2 - Whole day school, Monday to Friday £3,075

Early Years Funding Scheme is available. Free afterschool childcare is available from 4pm to 5.45pm. 


Years 3 and 4, Whole day school, Monday to Friday £4,800

Years 5 to 8, Whole day school, Monday to Friday £5,095

Weekly boarding £6,100

Full boarding £7,360

Flexi-boarding (Supper, evening activity, bed and breakfast) £36.70

Please contact admissions@perrotthill.com for further information including details of charges for Learning Support, EAL, Music lessons and paid-for activities, as well as terms and conditions and fee payment plans. 

Annual scholarship examinations are held in the Spring Term. Bursaries are available subject to assessment of parents' income and further details may be obtained from admissions@perrotthill.com